Terramark to Map Big Canoe Roads

On October 14 TerraMark presented the results of its project to convert the geodatabase on all Big Canoe roads and lots into the mapping format established by ESRI (Environment Systems Research Institute). This format is required by NAVTEQ, the leading global provider of digitally formatted data used for mapping- and location-based services around the world.

NAVTEQ supplies digital mapping and location content for automotive navigation systems, portable and handheld devices.  The reformatted data is now scheduled to be sent over to NAVTEQ. The expected result is a greatly enhanced display of the roads and 911 addresses of Big Canoe on most of the commonly used electronic navigational aids.

This completes the first major step in improving the Global Information System tracking of 911 addresses locations inside Big Canoe. The next stage will be to come up with a plan for tackling address discrepancies uncovered by the project and for notifying the appropriate county to correct the errors.