Terraces Amphitheater at Big Canoe to Expand

The Big Chapel has announced plans to implement the original plans for a shell covering reminiscent of Chastain Park over the stage at the Terraces Amphitheater of Big Canoe.The project will be funded by the Terraces’ Brick Donor program and donations from the Big Canoe community as well as friends, supporters of the Terraces. Bricks will be available in four sizes and will include donors’ personalized inscribed messages. Prices will begin at $100 for an inscribed four-by-eight inch brick and will increase based on size. The bricks will create a walkway surrounding the Terraces’ performance circle and extending to the front of the proposed structure. These improvments will enable the Terraces to book entertainers who would normally not be available withour a covered venue. The new Terraces will be ready for the opening of the 2011 concert season for Big Canoe residents and guests from surrounding areas.

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