Shelby Collins Realtor

Many have heard about the picturesque views and top-notch amenities available in Bent Tree. Bent Tree is a gated community which is an attractive feature for those who want to add extra protection for families with small children, or retirees who want to avoid the hustle and bustle of big city life.  No matter if you want to buy a home, sell a home you own in Bent Tree, or purchase land on which to build a home to your exact specifications, Shelby Collins has eight years of experience under her belt to make sure both buying and selling a home is made as easy as possible.  From your first phone call or email to this brilliant realtor, you will immediately feel that you have someone on your side with a family-oriented approach that will make you feel you’re the only client on her roster.  It’s the way Shelby Collins does business every day with hopes to give you an affordable price whether you’re in the business of home owning or selling.

Shelby Collins has been nothing short of a trusted confidant for every client buying or selling homes, or purchasing land in Bent Tree. There is no trickery involved with any clients who may already have trepidation about investing or selling a home in these hard economic times.  That is why it is so important that you entrust your investment in a realtor who possesses up-to-date knowledge which  makes sure you gain all the vital information necessary to save you money and stay  informed on the in’s-and-out’s pertaining to purchasing or selling your home.

Shelby Collins dedicates herself even in the sumptuous, secondary and resort home markets in North Georgia.  This adds even more reason to feel that any endeavor you wish to invest your money in behind the gates of Bent Tree are not only limited to buying and selling your home.  Shelby Collins can help you learn the basics about offering your home to those who need a vacation from the chaos found in the Atlanta area, or even from their homes close by.  It is always a dream to have that hideaway where the world slows down and serenity can ease a weary mind.

Yet, don’t feel that your option for a mountain home is limited to Bent Tree!  Shelby Collins property sales and purchase offers reach as far as Pickens, Dawson, Gilmer and Lumpkin counties. All the homes available in these areas can also give your family or retirement a refuge away from the dangers seen so often in more urban areas.  This trusted name in real estate sales helps clients who are interested in investing in mountain property offers an added revenue from renting out a cabin getaway. Shelby Collins can offer information about a year round lake or golf course home and she is able to be reached at any time for a home tour or a few simple questions on how to get the process started.  There is no wasted time when reaching out to Shelby Collins for any need in real estate with only your savings in mind where other realtors appear to put their own financial gains first.  The process of acquiring real estate does not have to be a cut throat business, and Shelby Collins immediately convinces you through honest conversation that the money you spend in such a huge investment is above board.  It is no understatement that this feature alone is one that will make your deal one that removes as much stress as possible.  The less stress you have to endure, the more attention you can pay to other vital family, job-related tasks that make home buying an even more secure investment.  There is never any reason to feel that you are being cheated.  You will be met at the door with a graceful manner Shelby Collins provides every client that walks through the door.

So give Shelby Collins a call or send her an email to begin a real estate deal where a straight-forward realtor makes it a priority to provide you with a dream home that will make every trip home from work a delight.  There is nothing like pulling into a new home, or using the money gained by selling your home, to make life just that much more blissful.

So contact Shelby Collins today on her direct number at Harry Norman Realtors at 706-268-2904 today.  If the business hours at Harry Norman Realtors found in Big Canoe don’t fit your schedule, you can even reach her by calling her cell number at: 404.863.2676.  To learn even more about the homes and properties available in Bent Tree and other easy to reach destinations, visit Shelby Collins’ website at  You will be glad you did from the first few minutes you pursues what Shelby Collins has to offer every day to those in the market for any real estate need.