Post Election Changes for Big Canoe Residents of Pickens and Dawson Counties

Tuesday’s election brought some changes to our North Georgia Mountains. Pickens County made a change in their form of government when voters narrowly approved a three man board of commissioners to replace their sole commissioner. This change will be mose costly to the county but should bring more representation for Big Canoe residents as there will be a commissioner from the east part of the county.

The results for the multi or sole commissioner for Pickens County were 4,497 for a multi commission and 4,371 for staying with a sole commissioner. As to whether to make it a three person or a five person board, voters chose three with a vote of 5,169 versus 2,484 for a five man commission. Dawson County has a five man commission.

In Dawson County’s special election to approve a homestead exemption from Dawson County school district ad valorem taxes for educational purposes in the amount of $120,000 of assessed value of the homestead for residents 70 years of age or over the unofficial vote count was 5,067 for to 1,117 against.

Dawson voters also voted to increase the current homestead exemption from the school district ad valorem taxes for educational purposes for disabled or 65 years of age or older from $60,000 to $65,000 and changes the $50,000 income limitation from gross to net income excluding certain retirement income.