Big Canoe Home Bargains Not Always Foreclosures

Most Big Canoe  buyers looking for a deal think they need to look at foreclosures. Despite the allure of finding a bargain, no buyer’s dream is to buy a foreclosure but almost every buyer dreams of buying a great home – and getting a great deal on it. Many Big Canoe home buyers think that to get a great value on a home  they must buy a foreclosure.  Consequently, the advantages of buying a non bank owned home  are frequently overlooked. Individual sellers with homes on the market right now are typically motivated, and understand that their homes are competing with discounted short sales and foreclosed homes and many of these sellers are cutting prices in an effort to sell their homes.  A recent Trulia Price Reduction Report revealed that 27 percent of homes on the market across the country have had at least one price reduction.

Individual owners are often  more negotiable on  contract terms than a bank . You can negotiate with non-bank owners on things like repairs, closing dates,  closing costs and even personal property with much more flexibly than you can with a bank. Also  many individually-owned homes are in pristine, move-in condition which is  most often not the case with foreclosures.  Keep an open mind and don’t overlook  the deal you might be able to get on a non-foreclosed home home in Big Canoe.  Come home to our beautiful mountains of Big Canoe in the North Georgia Mountains.