Big Canoe 2011 Operating Budget Approved

The Big Canoe 2011 operating budget has been approved. In spite of the current economic situation that has caused financial hardship in many similar communities, Big Canoe is able to maintain its services with no increase in membership or amenity user fees. If you are considering buying a mountain home and would like to see the Big Canoe budget in detail contact me.

Post Election Changes for Big Canoe Residents of Pickens and Dawson Counties

Tuesday’s election brought some changes to our North Georgia Mountains. Pickens County made a change in their form of government when voters narrowly approved a three man board of commissioners to replace their sole commissioner. This change will be mose costly to the county but should bring more representation for Big Canoe residents as there will be a commissioner from the east part of the county.

The results for the multi or sole commissioner for Pickens County were 4,497 for a multi commission and 4,371 for staying with a sole commissioner. As to whether to make it a three person or a five person board, voters chose three with a vote of 5,169 versus 2,484 for a five man commission. Dawson County has a five man commission.

Vacation Home Buying is Making a Comeback

Vacation home buying is having a resurgence with $553,000 vacation homes sold this year. This is an 8% increase over 2008 when sales started the downward trend. Prices are also up 13% from 2008 levels when cash strapped sellers started reducing the prices on their second homes for quick sales. Todays average vacation home buyer is 45 years old with a median income of $87,500 and is making a lifestyle choice rather than an investment. As the second home inventory is absorbed in Big Canoe, we are seeing prices trend upward but there are still bargains to be had. Contact me for information on vacation homes and 1031 Exchanges in Big Canoe.

Big Canoe real estate sales improve

Sales of homes in Big Canoe have surged during what is typically a slow time of year as consumers decide that Big Canoe is an attractive place to live as well as a stable location in which to invest one’s resources. In certain popular price points, we actually need more homes on the market as inventory is reduced by recent sales. With the fall selling season approaching, this is an excellent time to put ones house on the market. Call for a Big Canoe Comparative Market Analysis.

Oktoberfest Coming to Big Canoe Saturday Oct 9

Saturday, October 9th, Oktoberfest is coming to Big Canoe.
More than 60 vendors will be displaying crafts, jewelry, woodcarvings, etc while four different food vendors will be serving a variety of event appropriate food. For entertainment, there will be a German “Om-pah Band” and plenty of beer for adults with a Kid’s Tent and “jumping toys” for the younger set to enjoy. Come join the fun at the Wildcat Soccer Field between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Buying or Selling Homes in Big Canoe

Shelby Collins, working through Harry Norman Realtors located in Big Canoe, has firsthand knowledge of foreclosed and on-the market homes which will appeal to any taste.  Whether you want a safe, gated community to raise your kids, or retired and wish to spend your golden years in the home of your dreams, Shelby Collins will make sure the right home is found to suit either need.  There are a so many activities for kids and retirees alike to take advantage of that it’s sure you and your family will have plenty to do to make your life in Big Canoe one of vibrant new options for anything you could possibly wish to engage.

Big Canoe Foreclosure with Big View

2045 Wood Fern Knoll is a Big Canoe foreclosure with a big view of Lake Petit and the mountains. This is great pricing $560,000  for one of the best views in Big Canoe. Clark and Lane Howard’s home which was on the Big Canoe Spring Tour of Homes is in the same neighborhood as this  home. Call for more info. Shelby Collins-404-863-2676

Big Canoe, Georgia Foreclosures

While Big Canoe has a limited number of foreclosures and short sales, there are some bargains to be had. The custom home at 2029 McElroy Mountain Dr. with wonderful views of the mountains and Big Canoe’s Lake Petit, priced at $589,000 is a terrrific value. The tax valuation on this home is in the $800’s. With 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths, this is the perfect home for Big Canoe mountain living. For more information on this and other “deals” in Big Canoe, give me a call at 404-863-2676 or email me at

Big Canoe Resident lost in Denali National Park Park

John MacGregor, 54, of Gadalutsee Pass in Big Canoe is safe after being lost since Sunday in Denali National Park, Alaska. He wandered into a park ranger station late this afternoon, Wednesday, August 25—cold, hungry and lost after three nights alone in Alaskan back country. While temperatures were in the 60’s during the day, they dropped into the 30’s at night. As Jack was not dressed for freezing temps, there was much concern for his well being. Jack will return to his home in Big Canoe after recovering from his adventure.

The Big Canoe Town Hall Meeting

The Big Canoe town hall meeting was held in the Chapel Saturday morning. Reports were given by the POA board, Roger Klask, Big Canoe general manager and a consultant who is studying the food and beverage operations at the Sconti Clubhouse. Most amenities were under budget for the year which is an accomplishment in the current economic atmosphere. There are only 2% of homeowners who are delinquent on the POA dues. This is much better than similar communities that are experiencing delinquencies in the 8-9% range.