Staging Your Home for the Holidays

Many people question the wisdom of keeping their home on the market over the holidays but there are some advantages to having your home on the market at this time of year. Although there will probably be a larger number of buyers after the first of the year, the ones who are out this time of year tend to be motivated to buy. In Big Canoe, we find that many buyers who are extremely busy with work at other times of the year, have some down time to look for a house over the holidays. We also get buyers who are retiring at the end of the year or need to buy a house by the end of the year for tax reasons. Whatever the reason, the holidays in Big Canoe can bring home sales.

If your home is on the market, keep your holiday decorating to a minimum. If your great room is already small, crowding the room with a massive tree , and piles of gifts will not help sell your home.

If you DO decide to decorate, rethink it as staging with some holiday chee. As with any staging you should depersonalize and declutter. Keep your holiday decor secular and ethnically neutral, if possible. Trees, garlands, lights and bulbs are fne and are neutral enough that you do not risk offending a prospective buyer. A minimally decorated home can evoke a feeling of warmth that might just be what the buyer wants.

One of my clients related a story of a previous home sale. His home had been on the market forever when a real estate agent called and wanted to show it on short notice. The seller appologized for the condition of the house as they had company for the holidays. The prospective buyers saw the house with sleepiong bags, gifts and children’s toys everywhere and it made them think about holidays with their family. Long story short, they bought the house because it felt like home to them. Happy Holidays!!