Silent Night Hike to Big Canoe Lower Falls

Every year in early December the Big Canoe Hiking Club holds its annual Silent Night Hike along the Jeep Trail to the lower falls, by flashlight, in total silence.

The serenity and beauty of the hike in the dark stillness is a truly wonderful experience.

The group starts out at the kiosk at the base of the Jeep Trail and proceeds in silence along the trail over gurglling streams via the footbridges to the lower falls. In the dark, all senses are highly tuned to the sounds of nature.

If the night is clear and the moon is shining, the scene is breathtaking with the reflection of moonlight off of the water and rocks. The group forms a circle and sings “Silent Night.” When finished, they begin their quiet journey back down.

If you are interested in joining the Hiking Club to enjoy hikes like the Silent Night Hike, contact Big Canoe Hiking Club President Joyce Raley.