Big Canoe Water Supply Secure and Abundant

Water is going to be one of the most important environmental issues of future decades. Dwindling water supplies coupled with expanding growth has made water one of the most sought after resources. Big Canoe is fortunate in the fact that it has its own water supply and does not have to depend on municipal or state sources. Water quality and quantity issues are probably the most important concerns of environmentalists worldwide but Big Canoe’s springs and rainwater provide an ample supply of pure mountain water to residents of the North Georgia mountain community.

Even as close to home as Atlanta there are serious concerns about getting enough water for the population of the city. But here in Big Canoe we are fortunate to have two excellent reservoirs (Lake Petit and Blackwell Creek.) The water is constantly monitored for purity and since we have no feedlot or other agricultural run-off issues to worry about, it is likely to retain that level of purity.

The Big Canoe reservoirs are operated by impoundment rather than by diversion, and that means that Big Canoe continues to send a steady flow downstream to the neighbors to the south and west.

This is just another reason a move to the mountains of Big Canoe is the right decision.