AOL's list of Top 10 Cities for Working Remotely

AOL’s Daily Finance named what it considers the top-10 best cities for working remotely.

The list reflects cities with more than 1 million people that offer educational resources, an abundance of public libraries, resources that encourage good health, low crime, and – in most cases – modest cost of living. Here are the winners:

1. Austin
2. Cincinnati
3. Atlanta
4. St. Louis
5. Cleveland
6. Pittsburgh
7. Charlotte, N.C.
8. Kansas City, Miss.
9. Nashville, Tenn.
10. Milwaukee, Wis.

Notice that Atlanta is number 3 on the list. The funny thing is that many former Atlantans now live and work “remotely” in Big Canoe. Most only have to make the trip into an office a few times a month but many value the mountain lifestyle in Big Canoe so much that they do a daily commute to Atlanta or one of the burbs. While there are many Big Canoe part time residents who have second homes in Big Canoe, some have their primary residence in Big Canoe and keep a pied a terre in Atlanta to use during the work week. There are many options out there to enable one to live the mountain dream in Big Canoe. There are homes for all needs from small cabins to executive homes.