Just another sign consumer confidence is back

I just read yet  another article that supports my thought that consumer confidence along with the housing market is improving. Residential architects are reporting that home owners are opting for larger kitchens and bathrooms, and in some cases,  want even more than one kitchen as in the “guest kitchens” on the terrace level of so many Big Canoe homes. Gone is the austerity of the past two years when people were willing to settle for smaller kitchens and bathrooms. Bigger is better and it is back in a big way.

As kitchens get bigger, special function areas areas such as recycling centers, walk in pantries, and  electronic devices are becoming ever more popular.    Stainless appliances and granite countertops are still the norm in Big Canoe along with large laundry rooms. Wine cellars and special wine fridges are also common features.  Come find your dream kitchen with a mountain view.    Contact me for a tour of Big Canoe.